A Pittsburgh based Photographer, Neal's cinematic style of work almost exclusively features women, with a visual style that emphasizes urban settings, muted or saturated colors, often monochromatic, with wide close-up and shallow depth of field. Often prefer doing location shooting to studio work. His biggest influence in photography is Helmut Newton and is largely influenced by film, art and music, Christopher Nolan, Rob Zombie, David Fincher, Francis Bacon are among his favorites. Self educated, learning from hands on experience and training, with no traditional schooling, and having a background in graphic design, Neal continues to be sought after for his innovative cinematic techniques and bringing beautiful portraits to his clients.


1. Where do you shoot?

Your photoshoot can take place anywhere,  I know several wonderful locations that can be used as backdrops for your shoot, if you prefer the classic studio look,  especially for boudoir, high end hotel rooms can be used.

2.  Do you travel?

Yes, but a fee for traveling will be included in your final package cost to pay for travel expenses.

3.  How soon after, do I receive my photos?

Within a day, you will receive at least 3 proofs.   I sort and edit photos for you, usually within 3-4 days.  You will then receive all your finished photos in your personal email.  If you have an alternate preferred method for you receiving your photos, like CD or Card, please let me know first.

4. Will anyone be present during the shoot?

You may be bring one escort to your shoot, female friends are best. Just make sure your escort is mature, supportive and is prepared to sit quietly for a couple hours during your shoot.

5. Can we meet in advance?

Yes, meeting before your scheduled shoot is a great way to communicate your ideas and decide what you would like to do, and get more comfortable.



I have a very strict and professional privacy policy.  Most photographers typically give you the digital copies of your photos and sell you prints, while the photographer retains the rights to, and owns the photos outright, allowing them to publish photos in their portfolio or online as they choose.

This is not how I work.

Unless its discussed in advanced, or you are a payed model or we are working trade content, your images will never be published on my website or in my portfolio without your permission. Client photos, especially gift sets, for spouses, are for the private use of the client and the client retains the rights to these photos.